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Perspectives on the future of India and the world - by Rakesh Kapoor

Asian Renaissance and the Global Future: 2030 and Beyond. Futurist Rakesh Kapoor discusses the key changes that are likely to occur in Asia over the next 15 years and how these will impact the world in 2030. The SGI Quarterly is published by the Buddhist forum Soka Gakkai International from Japan. The October 2015 issue
is on The World in 2030.

Postnormal times? From the illusion of normality to the design for a new normalityIt is post-normal times for the West, according to Ziauddin Sardar. But in this rejoinder, Rakesh Kapoor explains why the seeming normality of the twentieth century in the West was an illusion, and why India and other developing counties are optimistic about the 21st century as against the depressing mood in the West. 

Asian century, planetary change? This paper by Rakesh Kapoor looks at why the 21st century will be the Asian century. But does that forebode planetary change? 

Plural dreams: India in the 21st century. Introduction to the special issue of Futures on Indian Futures, edited by Rakesh Kapoor.

Transforming self and society: Plural paths to human emancipation. An overview of global social transformation and futuristic initiatives for change. Introduction to a special issue of Futures on important Transformative Initiatives, edited by Rakesh Kapoor. 

Futures at forty: A time to democratise and rejuvenate the FS enterprise.
Written on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the journal Futures.

Future as fantasy: forgetting the flaws. Is the future being sold to the haves as a captivating dream? This reflective piece by Rakesh Kapoor presents a sharp critique of the practice of futures studies - predominantly located in the North - from the perspective of the South.