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The link will take you to another website, which is about inspiring initiatives, innovations, knowledge and resources that can help you and I to live more meaningfully, change ourselves and to change the world.
The ‘I’ begins with the all-important YOU! And ‘I’ stands for inspiring stories, pioneering initiatives, powerful insights, amazing efforts, remarkable innovators and innovations.
·         I – the most critical agent of change
·         Insights – powerful ideas, perspectives to deepen our understanding
·         Innovations – newer, better public systems/social action methods
·         Inspirations ­– inspiring and pioneering individuals and action
·         Initiatives ­– promising initiatives and efforts for change
We are sure that you will be touched by the stories and ideas we have put together. And we hope that you will be inspired to act as an agent of change!
What stories do we include here? These are some the principles that guide our selection of the material:
  1. We seek the knowledge that can provide us with the power to change - knowledge that is relevant for the challenges of today and tomorrow.
  1. We have tried to retrieve the wisdom, powerful insights lost in the ocean of information, and use it for the real purposes and demands of life.
  1. We seek to learn from ideas as well as action. We actively seek out deep insights as well as inspiring people and innovative action to help all of us become better human beings and co-create a better, caring society.
  1. We believe that to correctly understand the world today we need to have broad and multiple perspectives and an open mind. We are not swayed by dogmas, rigidities and articles of faith.
  1. We believe in a dedication to reality and, in this fast-changing world, believe that we all need to constantly and without-bias update our ‘maps of reality’.
  1. We try to keep away, as much as possible, from the ‘routinisation of knowledge’ and the jargon of experts.
  1. Knowledge and ideas should flow freely – should be easily communicated – should not be restricted by difficult language, artificial boundaries, by the aura of expertise or by expensive or restricted access.

The selection and documentation of resources on this site is facilitated by the AF team led by Rakesh Kapoor.